We are going to set up a campaign aimed

By putting the customer back at the heart of its strategy, we can create (or recreate) more links, which becomes a real differentiating criterion for the company. put the customer at the heart of digital strategy What main quality does a company need to launch into digital? ! » How many sales people have heard this constant “encouragement” from their Managers? How many Managers want to find new targets to achieve the objectives?! we are going to set up a campaign aimed at prospects, I am counting on you to find as many as possible.

To put in place in your company

Optimizing its conversion tunnel and its customer journey by connecting to its Salesforce CRM. You will also be able to feed yourself with examples of Latest Mailing Database nurturing scenarios to put in place in your company!Containment has introduced new rules. Distance has become the norm.», « we are going to set up a campaign aimed at prospects, I am counting on you to find as many as possible.Former Customer Marketing Manager at Numericable, Marketing Director at Sage and Marketing and Development Director at Viadéo, she is now Head of Marketing, New Business, Channel & Customers at Euler-Hermès. Want to know all his good advice? Quickly watch Edith Taillart’s interview on the occasion of IMF2020.

A step back from the company’s processes

Latest Mailing Database

Employees must not see digital as a threat, but as an opportunity. It is thanks to digital that they will be able to get rid of tasks with low added value! Digital is above DJ USA all a way to enhance. The customer experience by taking a step back from .The company’s processes that, as Edith points out.We have put in place more for ourselves than for customers” .Companies wishing to embark on digital must above all show curiosity.You have to be curious to learn, to test new approaches. But above all to accept to learn and to make mistakes” , assures Edith. A positive point however: the learning curve on digital being particularly fast, the teams can easily increase their skills.

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