How Our Brains Think and Make Decisions in Daily Life

Unless You Are a Lazy Person, You Will Not Be Able to Avoid Thinking. Of the Number “4” When You See the Equation Above. Right? In the Same Way. When You See the Word Gotong. It Will Automatically. Leave the Word “Royong” on the Tip of Your Tongue. This is no coincidence.

Our brains make thousands of decisions every day. Most of them (like how we choose milk or sugar in coffee) are made automatically. Others (like deciding where you want to go for dinner tonight) will take some time and require mental work to make a decision.

Studies have shown that there are two separate systems in

The human brain that are responsible for the Latest Mailing Database decision-making process. To make good decisions, we need to understand how each of these systems work and know how we can switch from one system to another.

How do we decide? Prof. Daniel Kahneman is the person responsible for introducing and popularizing the different elements of the decision-making brain in his book Thinking Fast and Slow. In his book, Kahneman classified two different systems in the brain: System 1 is fast, primitive and automatic.

It is the reason why we can solve the word “gotong-royong” without requiring us to think directly. System 1 is also part of the reason why we can drive down an empty road while listening to music and letting our minds wander.

The 2 systems exist on different spectrums System 2 is more careful

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Calculated and occurs in a conscious state. It is involved DJ USA in situations that require our mental work. Compared to system 1 which is responsible for solving Thinking fast and slow, Prof. Daniel Kahnemen.

Thinking fast and slow, Prof. Daniel Kahnemen. The exchange between these two systems is very important.. It is very impossible to make all decisions in our daily activities using system 2. This is because we only have limited mental energy.

It is only allocated in completing more complex tasks. “Mental limitations” are the reason why you might turn off the radio or stop talking in the middle of a conversation with another passenger when you’re driving on a busy road.


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