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The illusion above helps explain the problems that will occur if we “let” system 1 run freely. Because system 1 is automatic and semi-conscious, it can lead to errors in judgment when left unchecked. In matters of making better decisions.

It involves changing our thinking from system 1 to a more conscious thinking that is system 2 when needed. Improving Our Brain’s Process of Making Decisions Switching from system 1 to system 2 is difficult, but studies show that it is not impossible.

Here are some steps to change the thinking system conscious semi-conscious

Make better decisions. mental power 1. Automate Whatsapp Mobile Number List as many decisions as possible Our brains get tired when we think hard. When our brains are tired, we tend to make bad decisions.

The busier people are, the more they have on their minds, and the more time constraints they face, the more likely they will be to rely on System 1 thinking.” The quote above is taken from a study done by Harvard Business Review. Simply put, our brain is just like a muscle. It can be tiring. This effect is known as decision fatigue.

The more we make decisions, the system 2 part of our brain will experience fatigue. We will start to choose simple decisions like stopping to eat at a fast food restaurant on the way home from work, instead of doing what we should be doing which is cooking at home.

Perhaps the easiest way to combat decision fatigue is to make only a few decisions

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We don’t have to worry about complicated things in DJ USA our daily life. .. but only focusing on saving mental energy in making really important decisions. For example, automating some simple decisions in your daily life:

Choose from just a few lunch options that you rotate each week. Asking the restaurant waiter to recommen

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