Visit of JMC IT Consultant to Bappeda Musi Rawas Utara

On Wednesday (14-12-2016) and Thursday (15-12-2016) JMC IT Consultant again had the opportunity to visit the western part of Indonesia, this time to North Musi Rawas Regency, South Sumatra. The event which took place for two days at the Musi Rawas Utara District Bappeda Office includ an agenda for exposure, socialization, and a demonstration of the e-Planning application (SIPD).

The event was attend by Bappeda staff and SKPD representatives

North Musi Rawas Regency. The event took place Belize Mobile Database smoothly and receiv enthusiasm from all participants. Hopefully the use of the e-Planning application (SIPD) can help North Musi Rawas Regency in carrying out better Development Planning. JMC IT Consultant will also continue to provide services to all corners of Indonesia. JMC IT Consultant believes that now is the time to build Indonesia through technology.


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Presentation of the DIY Ormas Registration and Reporting

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For most people, Technical Guidance (Bimtek) is a familiar activity. Bimtek is an activity where participants are given intensive training to improve their competence. E-Planning Application (SIPD) for Kupang Regency. JMC IT Consultant again had the opportunity to make a visit to eastern Indonesia, this time to Kupang Regency. The event entitled Socialization and Training of e-Planning Applications.


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