Infographic Video, Creative and Interesting Information Media

The penetration of visual art seems to have enter almost all areas of life. Likewise with the appearance of information that is design with various visual graphic enhancements so that during. The delivery or presentation process, the public will be interes in paying attention to it.

Infographics or information graphics or infographics are visual depictions of information. Data or knowledge that are intend to present complex information quickly and clearly. Infographics are visual representations that contain information, data and knowledge. Infographics can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance.The ability of the human visual system to see patterns and trends.

The process of creating infographics can be referr

Data visualization, information design, or Benin Mobile Database information architecture. It can be said, making infographics is not as easy as compiling it in a design full of information and data. Infographic tools are ne that really must be master in order to get an attractive presentation design. If you manually have to create the design using a set of applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and others.

Since the rise of Youtube, infographic fever is inevitable. The combination of animation, creative images and music can build a positive interaction in understanding the message you want to convey. When advertisements on television with high costs are very limitby time, YouTube provides a wider space to be able to convey information. Companies are competing to make attractive infographics so they can promote their products or socialize their activities more fully.

JMC IT Consultant is one of the first companies

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Indonesia that is professionally engag in this field. We have produce many infographic videos in collaboration with government institutions and DJ USA private parties. Making infographic videos should be done by those who are truly experienc and can accommodate the wishes of consumers. Good communication and analysis between.

The project team and consumers can make the infographic video that is being workon become an information media or marketing product that is interesting, effective, and has an appeal that sticks in the memories of those who see it about the information convey in the infographic video. .


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