Having two sites reduces the risk of losing revenue if one site

Facilement votre site web. Déjà plus 49,720,000 downloads. Don’t just target the “best” SEO keywords Targeting the “best” keywords is an essential search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, but it’s not the only type of keyword with high purchase intent. Experienced affiliate marketers know that focusing on other types of keywords can also lead to great conversions. They usually have less competition but still offer great conversions. Here are some examples: Keywords “vs” When users look for a comparison. Between two products, they often use “vs” in their search query. Check out this excellent example of a Modern Castle, which compares the Dyson V7 and V8 . modern castle product comparison Keywords “Alternatives” When users look for alternative products, they are often looking for something similar to a popular product, but with different features or at a lower price point.

Check out this Modern Castle example that features

The best Roomba alternatives. Modern Castle product alternatives Keywords “Review” Users looking for product reviews are often in the late stages of their buying journey and are looking for validation or additional information before purchasing. Here’s a solid example from Modern Castle that reviews the Dyson V15 vacuum . modern castle product review 21. Update your content regularly If posts on your affiliate site lose ranking, you will need to update your affiliate content. This builds trust among your visitors, and Brazil Mobile Number List search engines like Google love to give new pages a big boost. 22. If one of your sites is doing well, create a second site targeting. The same keywords If one of your affiliate sites is doing exceptionally well, you can create a second site targeting the same keywords. Here are some of the benefits of building a second website.

Dominating the search results

Creating a second site targeting the same keywords, you can dominate the search results for those terms. Diversify income sources. is penalized or hacked. Testing strategies and layouts. Running two websites allows you to experiment with different marketing strategies and layouts to see what works best for your audience and niche. Take Advantage of Existing Resources . By creating a second site, you can reuse your existing content and resources , thus saving time and money to create new ones. Tip: To get your new site off the ground, link to it from your established site. Building multiple sites in the same niche is DJ USA common among large companies. A striking example is Dotdash Meredith , who owns seven major food websites. dotdash sites These sites often rank side-by-side for many food-related keywords, indicating the effectiveness of this approach. SERP egg salad recipes.

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