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Email a week: Is it worth sending weekly letters? Weekly letter As the name suggests, the weekly newsletter is sent once a week. Personally, I always try to send the weekly newsletter at the same time, i.e. on Sundays at 10:00. In this way, readers know how to wait for the weekly letter to arrive. The weekly newsletter is good because you are in the reader’s email at regular intervals. While a post on social media only lasts a few hours, you spend several days on email. The weekly newsletter gives you the opportunity to give your readers the best tips and tricks.  about upcoming workshops or webinars.

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The number of participants is always higher when you can remind about the upcoming webinar three times during the month compared to a monthly letter. The downside of the weekly newsletter is that some readers may not have time to read the letter as soon as it appears. Some may even think that a letter appearing once a week is too much. Of course I respect my readers. But I trust that readers will stop subscribing to my weekly newsletter if they don’t get enough added value out of it. Why do you need to be active in the reader’s email?  who you are, what you do and how you help them. You want them to open your marketing and sales email when it lands in their email. You want them to look forward to your messages and tips.

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If you give readers a discount coupon that is valid for 14 days, you won’t gain anything if the reader opens the message 2 weeks after the campaign ends. With the help of the weekly letter, you build trust and credibility quickly. And you need both when it’s time to sell or recommend products and services.Forgive me if digital entrepreneurship and blogging seem easy For entrepreneurship | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 338 SHARES Facebook 336 Twitter Pinterest 2 LinkedIn Forgive me if digital entrepreneurship and blogging seem easy. The good news is that running a digital business does not   DJ USA require physical work. You don’t have to lift boxes, carry letters to the post office or clean up trash from the floor.


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