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Running a digital business can be done just as well in the warmth of your own home as in a local coffee shop. Digital entrepreneurship looks easy from the outside, but no one takes into account the mental pressure, lack of motivation or loss of creativity, which can at worst cause exhaustion and stress. Many want to be a successful entrepreneur and blogger and that is why this causes so much conflict.  sometimes started on the spur of the moment, without a clear plan and strategy. Let’s imagine that it is enough to just write content and share it on social media.

Blogging and entrepreneurship are

Let’s think that the business will grow without major marketing measures. You have seen the results reports published on this blog, the new data increase in visitor traffic and the comments on various social media channels. I know that those who are really committed to their work and work or blog with great passion don’t show results just to brag about themselves. They want to be role models and show that this kind of work, career, entrepreneurship and lifestyle IS also possible in Finland. Forgive me if digital entrepreneurship and blogging seem easy… We all start somewhere. Usually right there from the grassroots level. We go through problems and challenges, we make mistakes and turn to walk the wrong path. Motivation decreases and you feel like throwing your gloves in the counter.  customer thanking you for your great help.

And then suddenly you get an email from a

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 Or from a partner who has been watching your great work from the sidelines and has decided to raise the commission to a new, higher level. Small wins along the way are much bigger than the end result that each of us is aiming for Telling the success and the result publicly means that “if after all this I managed to get such results, then everyone has the same chance to succeed.” The one who finally finds his way to the finish line as a winner is the person who can keep trying, looking for new paths, making mistakes and failing. And yet every morning he manages to try again. The task of a professional is to find the right methods and test the best strategies. That’s the only way to get the best results. But building the right method yourself   DJ USA requires a lot of time, effort, patience and those famous euros. Our job as professionals is to take the biggest risks so you don’t have to.


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