However you should start cautiously

 It’s our job to test and experiment so you don’t have to. You might also like this: 7 Routines That Don’t Get Results Slogans aren’t just buzzwords When you hear a professional say “this method will help you avoid the biggest mistakes”, it’s not just a slogan. We know which mistakes to avoid and we’ll be more than happy to tell you. We make mistakes every day so that you get the best icing on the cake. Every time I write a post, I can’t be sure that you will like it. Still, I write every day.  information and tips so that you too can succeed. When I find a new strategy, I’ll test it and let you know. I hope you like it and don’t throw me a rotten virtual tomato.

Because I want to give you the best

 If you like, I’ll heave a sigh of relief and move on to the next strategy. I talk a lot about the same topic because I latest database want you to know how important it is to do things the right way. When I have talked about it enough, I package my knowledge and make it into an online training or an e-book. You get the entire strategy in one package, packed from start to finish. All you have to do is accept the package, open it and do as I have told you. Read more: From blogger to entrepreneur – Tips, mistakes and the biggest aha realizations I have bought countless different trainings and e-books. instructions given in them. And the more I have acted exactly as the coach has said, the faster I have gotten bigger results. There is no point in running after shiny objects.

I have followed the

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Find yourself a coach who has already achieved what you want and then do as he says. I did a little math: I have been actively building the method I taught in the From Blogger to Professional™ training for two years. Searching for information, testing, correcting errors, analyzing the results and refining the method have taken 2/3 of that time. In days it means 486 days. I am semi-realistic and calculate that I have worked 8.5 hours every day. The total number of hours thus rises to 4131 working hours. My hourly price for personal coaching is €149.25 + VAT 24%. Which   DJ USA means that after searching, testing, applying, analyzing and refining, I have “lost” €764,524.17 of potential billable money.


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