Paku vs Tablet (Technological Differences between Elections in Indonesia and Elections in the United States)

Yesterday, Wednesday, 9 July 2014, we, the people of Indonesia, held direct presidential and vice-presidential elections for the next 5 years. Direct election by the people is a form of democracy that we are building where the president is the direct choice of the people. Just like before, the presidential election in Indonesia is still using a manual system.

That is, prospective voters will receive ballot

Papers and punch the ballots in the voting Albania Mobile Database booth using nails for the chosen candidate. Meanwhile in the US, during the 2012 United States Presidential election, one of the constituencies, in Virginia, registered voters could directly vote for a presidential candidate without having to bother striking with nails.

Because, in the sound booth, Microsoft expects a Surface tablet that uses the Windows RT operating system. This tablet PC is equipped with the Live Ballot application so that users can mark and print their ballots. Democracy Live, the technology company responsible for e-voting, installed its application on Microsoft’s flagship tablet. This was quoted by detikI NET from Mashable, Wednesday (9/7/2014).

Democracy Live added that they also use Windows

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Azure which is a cloud-based platform to collect voice information that has been ‘punched’. So that the sound results can be known quickly, inexpensively and accurately. Maybe in the future, in this era of rapidly growing information technology, elections DJ USA in Indonesia will use gadgets/computer devices to make choices. Post navigation Previous Article JMC Seminar IT 2014 Next Article Website Redesign Jogja Library For All RELATED ARTICLES

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