Pelatihan Aplikasi e-Planning (SIPD) di Bappeda Provinsi Maluku Utara

JMC IT Consultant is again making its mark, this time heading to the eastern part of Indonesia, namely North Maluku Province. This event has an e-Planning application training agenda (SIPD) and was held on Thursday (27/10/2016) to Friday (28/10/2016) at the North Maluku Province Bappeda Office in Ternate City. The event was attendby secretaries, heads of sub-divisions, heads of fields, and North Maluku Province Bappeda staff.

On Thursday the activity began with technical

Discussions and training preparations. Whereas on Algeria Mobile Database the second day (28/10/2016) it was fill with training events from morning to evening. The event went very smoothly and there was a warm discussion with the training participants. Participants also lookvery enthusiastic in carrying out the entire series of events for the two days.

Hopefully with the e-Planning application (SIPD) it can help Bappeda of North Maluku Province in carrying out regional development planning properly. JMC IT Consultant will continue to strive to provide services to all corners of Indonesia. JMC IT Consultant believes now is the time to advance the nation through technology. Post navigation Previous Article Expose Final Report on the e-Planning Application (SIPD) of North Barito Regency

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