Identify the problem your audience is facing and empathize

Agitation Amplify the issue and make it more urgent, using emotional language and vivid examples. Alternative. Present your product or service as the best solution to the problem and show how it can eliminate pain and bring benefits. You don’t want to go overboard – best left to the sales pages – so I recommend dedicating a sentence or two to each step. Offer alternative products Here’s one of my top affiliate marketing tips: not everyone will buy the product you think is the “best”. Offering cheaper, more portable, or other significantly different alternatives can increase conversions, shifting the reader’s decision from . Am I buying? to “Which one should I buy? » . For example, RTING’s article on the best laptops for college features different models with varying features and prices. Use the SERP to find differentiators.

A great way to find relevant differentiators is to look

At the “Related Searches” and “People Are Also Searching” sections on Google when searching for your target keyword. For example, additional alternatives for the keyword “best laptops for college” include 2-in-1 laptops. Apple laptops. people are also looking How to present the alternatives. Once you’ve identified alternative products, it’s time to display them aesthetically. An affiliate marketing plugin like Laço can Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List help you achieve this goal by allowing you to create visually appealing comparison tables in your blog post. Here is an example of the Lasso comparison chart in action: 8 . Use the products you recommend By actually using the products you recommend – and documenting their use with photos and videos – you’ll build trust with your readers, drive more organic traffic, and increase conversions. Modern castle people are doing a great job in this area.

They provide in-depth reviews of home products

Original photos and YouTube videos of the products in action. Here’s a great original photo showing the results of one of their product testing experiments. And here is a youtube video they created specifically for this product review. Highlight your expertise to boost the EEAT EEAT – short for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativity, and Trust – is a crucial ranking factor on Google. With product reviews, Google wants to verify that you have hands-on experience with the products you’re talking about. To prove this, you DJ USA must share original photos and videos that prove you’ve used the products and use first-person language emphasizing your experience. Example: “When I vacuumed the carpet, I found that…” To learn more about building the EEAT, see our article What is EEAT in SEO? How to optimize it on a website? 9. Create visually appealing content widgets.


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