Jogja Library For All Website Redesign

Jogja Library For All (JLA) is a library collaboration network in the DIY Province which was form on November 30 2005 which was mark by the signing of a joint agreement between the Provincial Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta in this case representby the Governor of DIY Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X with several universities.

Since it was launch for the first time

The website was hand over to JMC IT Consultant Afghanistan Mobile Database from BPAD DIY, now the Jogja Library For All website comes with a more “eye-catching” design and the addition of more advanc features and technology. This aims to perfect the previous technology so that this website can greatly facilitate the user or users to get the information they are looking for about books. The main function of this website is to build a collaborative network between libraries.

We only ne to type search keywords bas on title, author or publisher to find out where the book we are looking for is in any library. This will make it easier for us so that we don’t have to bother having to go to the library one by one to find the book we are looking for. Easier right? save time and effort, hehe. In addition, the website which can be access at  has a question and answer feature.

Where users can ask questions about

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The collection of books or can also provide input for the development of the Jogja Library for All. FThere are many other features on the JLA website, visit to experience the benefits. It’s time for us to use technology to simplify our affairs. Post DJ USA  navigation Previous Article Paku vs Tablet (Technological Differences between Elections in Indonesia and Elections in the UnitStates) Next Article.

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