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Do not do other tasks during class and concentrate on completing tasks.  an appointment outside of class time. Perimeter Maintenance It is important to prepare In addition, try to an environment that does not interfere with noise or visibility. If you live with someone please let them know ahead of time that they are taking online classes at this time.

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stationery and notebooks. Be careful not to interfere Oman Mobile Number List with third-party online courses that often involve other students. Be careful not to turn off your microphone or disturb others during class. Also don’t ask basic questions not related to the course such as how to use a computer and do your own research. If you don’t understand don’t interrupt the class to ask questions after class or during question and answer time.

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choosing a scene using a virtual background when DJ USA choosing a virtual background. Try to use something simple like a room blur and avoid anything unsuitable for the classroom like a fun virtual background. Class Q&A Answers Frequently Asked Questions Ask How should I prepare for the class Answer You can follow the steps below to prepare for the class Create an account or log in. Confirm class dates and details.


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