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Prepare pre-distribution materials as needed. for issues before class. Click  link to join the course. QHow do I share my screen in a course AZoom Screen sharing is easy Joining Check audio and video a meeting. Click the screen share button at the bottom of the screen. Select the window or application you want to share. Click the Share button to share your selections with other participants.

Ask What is the best way to Check audio and video

use questioning in the classroom Answer Ways Paraguay Mobile Number List to ask questions in class There are various audio questions How to unmute and ask directly. But it is not recommended to use it in large groups to avoid confusion. Use Chat You can use the chat feature to ask text-based questions. This works especially well with large classes. Reaction functions Responses such as raising a hand can be used to indicate the intent of a question.

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will give you the opportunity to ask questions. Related DJ USA Articles What Is a Conference Explains How to Publish and Invite Newbies Must-See What the Transcription Feature Introduces Useful Tools and How To Summary Steps to a Successful Course Using online courses is one of the effective options that keeps up with the times.


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