History of DIY E-Planning (SIPD).

Apart from being a reliable planning institution. BAPPEDA DIY must also carry out a credible control function so that the development plans that have been prepar can be realiz in accordance with. The targets that have been set.

In carrying out its duties and functions. BAPPEDA DIY carries out development planning and control bas on competence. Professionalism and prioritizing the interests of the community.

In carrying out its activities, especially in carrying out its function

Planner, BAPPEDA DIY is always overwhelm every Germany Mobile Database time the planning process takes place. With a limit number of human resources, as well as limittime demands, BAPPEDA DIY has to think hard to deal with all of that.

Since 2007, BAPPEDA DIY has start developing regional development planning applications in the hope that BAPPEDA will be assist in completing its task of preparing planning documents.

Due to the very complexity of application needs in supporting the planning process, the many report formats that must be generat by the application, makes the application that is built not run smoothly.

Over time, until 2010 the application had not succe in helping BAPPEDA DIY in realizing its dream of planning in DIY.

Finally, in 2010 BAPPEDA DIY start moving

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With a new path, which was hopto help BAPPEDA DIY in overcoming this problem. BAPPEDA DIY is very selective in determining service providers to help build planning applications that are effective, efficient and effective.

Starting from there, BAPPEDA DIY together DJ USA with JMC IT Consultant built a planning application from scratch. The planning application develop with JMC IT Consultant has succe in assisting BAPPEDA DIY in developing applications that are effective, single input, many outputs, so that they can assist BAPPEDA DIY in producing the requir number of report formats.


In 2011, BAPPEDA DIY took the initiative to name its planning application “Jogjaplan”. With its success in preparing the planning process, starting from the preparation of the RKPD to KUA PPAS, Jogjaplan BAPPEDA DIY has always been develop to date to meet the diversity of needs and existing technological developments.


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