If you have not installed the application

Please mute the audio during class to join by clicking on the teacher-provided  from the launcher app. The application will start.  you need to follow the If you have not steps in the previous section to install and configure the microphone and camera settings. You can take courses. Sent from a click teacher when joining via browser. If a pop-up window appears at this point, select Cancel. Select Cancel from your browser and click Join.

Join from your browser If you have not

Enter your name to join. Enter your name to Norway Mobile Number List join the class using your smartphone or tablet To use it on your smartphone or tablet you need to have the app installed. Go to or or Download Center. Download the Zoom app. Download the Zoom app to launch the downloaded app. Launch the app and enter the class and password provided by the teacher or click to automatically launch the app and join the class. Precautions for class Internet connection environment A stable Internet connection is required.

Phone Number List

Lessons may be interrupted

Or delayed on slow connections. In addition, when DJ USA participating in public places such as free admission, it is necessary to consider the volume of speech and the output method of classroom audio. Time management is very important for live online classes to be as punctual as regular face-to-face classes.


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