now it has more than 30 employees

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Kaki Langit Village is JMC

‘S2017 Social Responsibility Target Corporate Social  Colleges Universities Email List Responsibility (CSR) is on the daily agenda of JMC’s IT consultants as a form of the company’s contribution and concern for the environment. In 2017, JMC IT Consulting Read more Technology Application Development Services July 2020 23 Advantages of Using Online Store Application Development Services for Business
For those who want to grow their business, online store app development services are the best solution.

Almost all aspects of life are

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currently taking advantage of digitization. The same is true in business Read more Feb 2, 2016 Tips to avoid.  The ‘fatal temptation’ of hackers when shopping online
JAKARTA – Many people usually take  DJ USA advantage of the Christmas and New Year’s spirits to buy festive essentials and household items. Not only in shopping malls . But also in the tire sense that Jiangling IT Consultant has only been established for more than 7 years.

Every year, Jiangling IT Consultants has experienced significant growth, especially in terms of the number of employees. In the past, the number of employees of Jiangling IT Consultants was less than 10.


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