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The ever-increasing number of employees, JMC IT consultants always try their best to provide sufficient work space facilities despite the need to rent office space.In 2008, Jiangling IT Consulting Company had only one business room, which had the status of a private residence.

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Of employees continued to increase, Jiangling IT Canadian Colleges Universities Email List  consultants tried to increase business space facilities in the form of leasing in the next few years.Finally, in 2015, JMC IT Consultants purchased a representative business space in a strategic location .

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Poor Bantur. The location is quite close to the center of  Yogyakarta. And the working environment is comfortable. The business premises purchased by DJ USA  JMC’s IT consultants were originally residences with the main function of living.

Therefore, JMC IT consultants are trying to transform it into a functional, efficient and comfortable workplace. Jiangling IT consultants started the renovation work from the end of 2015 to the middle of 2016.

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