arrived at Sundak Beach

..The group  around 10:00 am, and the weather was sunny and hot. A group of people not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the South Coast and captured . The joy on the beach, but all the staff of Jiangling IT Consulting were also invited to play some exciting games.

All employees are divided

into teams and compete to win  Elementary And Secondary Schools Email List these games. Events include a baton relay with shoulders and feet, a rope relay with players in a circle and finally a water relay with plastic cups. The losing team is punished with a lipstick smack in the face and cannot be removed until the end of the game. Here, the cooperation and creativity of all team members are put to the test, which hopefully will strengthen the relationship and cooperation between employees.

At noon the activity continued

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with lunch at Ngan dong Beach and games. Another exciting thing is that JMC IT consultant employees can play beach baseball. In this competition, the excitement . DJ USA  and joy were clearly reflected on the faces of every JMC IT consultant employee.

Around 15.30, the beach activities ended, and a group of people began to return to the office. It is hoped that through this tour. All employees can return to work with a fresh mind during the fasting period of Ramadan. Stimulate creativity and improve work enthusiasm.


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