What is it & How Could it Impact your Career

We all know that the way we work has change. And continues to change. Hybrid and/or remote working offer employees the opportunity to have a greater work/life balance while the life of a digital nomad means people can work from anywhere in the world if they choose to. There’s also been a shake-up in the technology sector: twitter has change hands and cause a stir. And meta laid people off. Claiming they had overhire during the pandemic or took on staff to ‘experiment’ on the platform. But there’s also a movement going on you may now be aware of: the quiet quit. It’s had quite the moment as the latest buzzword and the phrase #quietquitting has floode social meia.

Particularly on tiktok

Particularly on tiktok where it’s currently seeing 350 million views. So what is quiet quitting and how is it impacting new data business and working life for employees across industries? What is quiet quitting? The terminology of quiet quitting is a bit misleading: the concept is more about reclaiming a balance between work life and personal life than it is about quitting your job. It’s about setting boundaries and can be seen as a response to the burnout many felt and experience during and after the covid-19 pandemic. The buzzword has create quite a stir. Even being calle a ‘revolution’ by the meia. Depending on your interpretation you may support it or fear it.

 Some people interpret it as mindful and a healthy balance choice

new data

 Some people interpret it as mindful and a healthy balance choice. While others feel it’s a slippery slope or Djusa a really bad idea for your career. Let’s take a look at the implications of distancing yourself from the rat race. Why choose dmi? What works for me in my working life? American tiktokker. @zaidlepplin poste one of the most popular videos on the subject. His tiktok went viral. Saying “ you’re no longer subscribing to the hustle culture mentality”. The quiet quit the quiet quit depending on your personality type. Your job contract. And your passion for that job. You will of course see what elements of quiet quitting would fit your situation.


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