Create Catchy Titles for Mobile Videos

Reel-as-link-yoursocialteam-9 Youll see a lot more engagement from followers if you just take a couple of minutes to curate instead of reposting. Try the Black Story Format The black story has a black background and plain white text with just one link sticker. Chances are your fe is full of bright colors appealing images and interactive stories. The black story gets attention by standing out. It looks serious different and important. It doesnt look like anything else in your followers fes. The black story is powerful whenever you

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An offer or make an announcement. You can expect three to four times the views and clicks of a regular story. Joke Around With Poll Stickers You probably already use poll stickers. Theyre a great way to get feback and do customer business lead research in your stories. But theyre also a chance to be creative and joke around! For example instead of running a poll with the answers yes and no you can have some fun with your followers. Ask them to choose between Yes please! and No I dont want to earn more in less time thanks.

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To choose the second option with a straight face. Its creative different and will stick in your followers minds. Thats the real goal of being creative on Instagram. Manu Muraro is an Instagram DJ USA expert and founder of Your Social Team a company that helps female entrepreneurs and social mia managers grow their businesses with Instagram. Shes the creator of Your Template Club a membership that offers creative Instagram content templates. Find her on Instagram @yoursocialteam and @yourtemplateclub TikTok @yoursocialteam X

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