How to Optimize Content and Media

Youll ne to adjust your strategy a little bit. A short looping video can drive viewers crazy. Try to either use a long video or switch from a short video back to a static image as soon as possible. You can take this even further by using custom templates for Instagram lives. The template image has a frame around your live fe and space for your key points. You just have to type the details into the template and save it to your camera roll to use when you go live! Pin Posts to Create Grid Banners You probably already know that you can pin

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Posts to the top of your Instagram grid of photos. But have you ever tri pinning a banner to the top of your three images Many people use pins to highlight the content that gets the most b2b leads engagement. But if youre a social mia marketer you ne to think more strategically. Instead of showing your greatest hits you should pin the content that tells people who you are and offers them value. Start by creating a long banner a bit like a TikTok banner. It should be long and thin enough to cover three squares on your Instagram grid. use-

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Creatively-pin-posts-to-create-grid-banners-long-banner-yourtemplateclub-7 Next post the image to your grid. The best part is that you dont even have to it your banner DJ USA into three separate images. Instagram automatically crops images that are too large for the grid. All you have to do is select which part of the image it shows for each of your three posts. Make sure you use the same caption for all three posts and dont forget to pin them to the top! use-instagram-features-creatively-pin-posts-to-create-grid-banners-same-caption-pin-


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