Why Marketers Should Prioritize Mobile

Struggles of agency marketers. Join show host and agency owner Brooke Sellas as she interviews agency marketers and digs deep into their biggest challenges. Explore topics like navigating rough economic times leveraging AI service diversification client acquisition and much more. Just pull up your favorite podcast app search for Marketing Agency Show and start listening. Or click the button below for more information. CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS But be advis this list is not exhaustive. Whenever Instagram releases a new

Feature think about

 How you could use it strategically or creatively to make something new. Share a Unique Live Background When you go live on Instagram you can bring up a video or photo background b2b email list thats chosen from your camera roll. This doesnt work if you share the live with anyone else—for example if youre interviewing a guest—but its a fantastic way to upgrade your solo lives. (It also only works in iOS so far. Android users will have to wait a while to use this feature.) Once youve pick a photo or video background Instagram shows

Your live video

One corner of the screen while the image youve pick takes up most of the screen. Use this feature to Show bullet points of what youre talking about Show slides in a longer DJ USA presentation Provide commentary over a video Its especially helpful if you hope to attract new followers with your live. As soon as they tap to watch the livestream theyll see a summary of the topic so they know whether its for them. use-native-instagram-features-creatively-share-live-background-summary-of-topic-6 If you use a video background

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