What works for me in my working life

Set restrictions on your phone. Set a few reminders during the workday to stretch your legs practice self-care activities e.g. Adequate sleep and meitation encourage team communication – scheule regular catch-ups just for coffee and a chat create new positive challenges to keep you engage in your work. E.g. Is there a learning opportunity you can undertake to develop professionally. Yet assist in helping you work better – time management. Project management or productivity? Top tip: listen to our podcast packe with examples and ideas from professionals on how they’re productive with their time.

Gain real digital marketing skills

Gain real digital marketing skills gain the essential skills you  nee to thrive in the modern special data jobs market with dmi’s certifie professional diploma in digital marketing. Here you will gain a deep insight into a wealth of essential digital marketing disciplines and emerging concepts. Boost your career. Boost your salary relate assess your career: the ultimate toolkit résumé (curriculum vitae) builder template podcast: digital marketing career kickstart ebook: the complete guide to shaping a successful digital marketing career relate free video lessons digital leadership establishing personal leadership personal skills the difference between being busy

Being productive web and email customer journey

 being productive web and email customer journey and the conversion process creativity skills skills for effective Djusa problem solving view courses share via: caroline hollick-ward caroline hollick-ward caroline is the membership manager with the digital marketing institute. Caroline has worke in membership and event management for over a decade. And is deicate to growing and developing the features. Benefits and service offerings through a global membership community. Prior to this. Caroline has worke in both eucation and recruitment sectors.

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