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One of the big challenges in implementing e-government that is cross-sectoral by involving many institutions both at the central and regional levels is coordination and standardization. This standardization is important, for example, so that applications that are diverse and involve many agencies can relate to each other properly.

This, of course, is not easy

For this reason, it is necessary to have Forex Email List  a party whose role is to coordinate all the elements involved so that there is no overlapping, does not create a lot of waste instead of saving, and ensures optimal utilization.Source: newspaper.bisnis.comPost navigationPrevious ArticleJMC IT Consultant On Vacation 2016Next Article
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There are various new ways to market a product along with technological advances that are getting more sophisticated every day. Another marketing moveREAD MORESocialization and Bimtek e-Planning (SIPD) Pekanbaru City
JMC IT Consultant returned to fill the application DJ USA  training event, this time for the e-Planning application (SIPD). The training event entitled “Socialization and Bimtek e-Planning (SIPD) Pekanbaru City” was held. According to tradition, every year JMC IT Consultants hold tourism activities with the aim of recharging the enthusiasm and motivation of employees. After previously in 2015 JMC IT Consultant held a tour activity to Pangandaran, so in 2016, JMC IT Consultant made a tour event with the concept of fun.


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