We hope this really becomes a priority

Business people in this field also welcomed the government’s move positively. They are optimistic that this will be a driving force, not a hindrance to the development of electronic commerce.

There are still many details that the government must finalize so that e-commerce really brings many benefits to businesses and consumers in this country.

This daily hopes that the government

Will not be negligent in following up  Crypto Email List on the details needed after developing e-commerce. If we look further, outside of e-commerce there are many fields related to the application of the Internet which are also growing rapidly and need anticipation.

Changes in the fields of transportation, health, and electronic government services in the next few years are expected to be no less catastrophic than the development of electronic commerce.

What the government should

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Not forget to work on seriously is the provision of more friendly public services by utilizing the development of the Internet. E-government needs serious attention, no less than the government’s attention in supporting the development of e-commerce.

Proper implementation of e-government will DJ USA  certainly encourage government efficiency, increase convenience for the community, increase government transparency and accountability, and in turn will increase the effectiveness of public services.

In contrast to e-commerce which grows naturally through private activities, e-government development fully requires government initiative.

President Joko Widodo on various occasions has emphasized the importance of using information technology in improving public services.


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