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In this activity, JMC IT Consultant chose a location that had the allure of entertainment and challenges, namely a tourist visit to Bandung and Lembang with the main objective at Trans Studio Bandung. The tourism activity took place from 21 – 24 April 2016 with the participation of employees at JMC IT Consultant.Furthermore, for the success of this tourism activity, JMC IT Consultant is working with a well-known tourism service bureau in Yogyakarta, namely Surya Agung Tour & Travel.

With this activity it is hoped

that the enthusiasm and work motivation Gambling Email List  of all employees who take part in tourism activities will be replenished after almost a year of struggling with work.Tour activities began on April 21 2016 after working hours and then departed together at around 21.00 WIB. The group arrived in Bandung on April 22 2016 at around 9.00 WIB after traveling for approximately 12 hours. Before starting the tour activities, the group enjoyed breakfast first at Graphic Cikole Lembang.

Next, the group was gathered to be divided into 5 different teams and each team was required to choose a group name and yells. The five teams will later compete in fun games held by the committee during visits to tourist attractions.

The first tourist object to visit

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is Sari Ater Hot Spring, Ciater. In this hot spring, the group is presented with several pool. Spots with natural showers or waterfalls that visitors can enjoy. In addition, there is also a paid swimming pool for those who want to feel the sensation of swimming in hot water.

After a visit to Sari Ater Hot Springs, Ciate .  DJ USA e group was accompanied by the committee for lunch. However, previously there were fun games where each team had. To find a way so that all team members fit into a sheet of newspaper. In this fun games, the committee wants to hone creativity and teamwork.

Still on the same dayt he group was invited to visit the second tourist object. As well as the main destination in this year’s tourism activities, namely Trans Studio Bandung. Here the group can play all the available rides, where each ride.


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