Because this breaking

of the fast is also a gesture of gratitude for the opening of the new office, and of course no Thanksgiving event is complete without a tumpen. To this end, the cutting of the tumpen was carried out by representatives of JMC IT Consultant employees, accompanied by Mr.

In addition there is

another surprise for Jiangling IT consultant  Office 365 Email List friends who celebrate their birthdays in June. We hope that the completion of the new office will bring positive energy to the colleagues of Jiangling IT consultants. This is not just a place to work.

I hope that the new atmosphere

Job Function Email Database

and environment will make colleagues more comfortable and feel like home.Also, may our fasting this year be a blessing to all of you and usher in DJ USA  Ramadan next year. Amen.Post Navigation Previous Easy Tips to Prevent Hacking.

Next Be careful when photographing a solar eclipse, here are some tips .We are proud to present the latest JMC official website design. Fresher and more up-to-date, sure to bring us…yes, you closer to us.


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