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The role of application system integration is very important for universities. Because it can provide convenience and maximize the use of university facilities in order to provide better services to students
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Digital Media Center (IDMC) Concept  Hospitals Email List at Diskom info DIY 05 Nov 2018 Good governance is an important foundation for creating a transparent, effective and efficient bureaucracy. Hacking performed by good hackers remains a terrifying specter for Internet users. Hackers also do not the victim when carrying out their operations.


Recently, public figures have

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even been targeted. So how to prevent this kind of cybercrime? Tech Radar reported on Sunday (June 26, 2016) that some possible easy steps are to have a DJ USA  special password for every account you have, with a combination that is hard to guess.


In addition to passwords, viruses can also be an opening for hackers to gain access to targeted accounts or devices. So of course you need antivirus software. Currently, there are many companies that offer paid or free antivirus software.

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