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BAPPEDA Batanghari Regency Visits JMC IT Consultant Jiangling IT Consultants (JMC) received BAPPEDA’s visit for the umpteenth time. On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, Jiangling Motors received a visit from BAPEDA Batanghari Regency led by Eko Wiyono, S.P.

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entered the last week, and we will usher in Hotmail Email List  Hari Raya 1437 H in the next few days. Apart from passing the time by adding prayers and reading the Qur’an, breaking the fast is also one of the bywords of Ramadan. As in previous years, on Wednesday (June 29, 2016) JMC IT consultants held an Iftar party as a forum for friendship and intimacy.

In addition this year’s joint

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breaking moment is also thanks to the establishment of the new office of Jiangling IT Consulting Production Company, which officially moved in  DJ USA in June 2016. There are not only employees of Jiangling IT Consulting, but also “alumni” who have worked in Jiangling IT Consulting.

The joint  a speech and welcome speech by Mr. Frans Sirait, Manager of HRGA, followed by a speech by Mr. Yuhan Fauzan, CEO of JMC IT Consultant, who shared a short story of the struggle in the early days of JMC IT Consultant.

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