But if you use it it will reduce labor

When people create meeting minutes, it takes time and money.  and cost andable to increase work efficiency. If you often hold web conferences use can let you work without stress. How to use Automatically record and transcribe web meetings by letting you join the meeting using your computer or smartphone.

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In the calendar you can automatically attend scheduled Iran Mobile Number List events. In this section, we will explain how to use it in the following two ways. How to use the web version to automatically transcribe a web meeting Log in to click on Meeting Transcript.

Phone Number List

How to use Transcribe Web

Meetings Enter the web meeting DJ USA invitation URL and Display Name in the language of the transcription and click Transcribe. Added in web conferencing. How to Use Transcript Webinar Webinar content will be transcribed. How to Transcribe a Web Meeting Automatically Transcribe a Web Meeting Log in to the version by clicking on the bottom of the screen.


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