How to use Transcribe Web Meetings

How to Use Transcribe Web Meetings Click on Web Meeting Transcription.   for the transcription Web Meeting Invitation Display Name and click Transcribe. How to use Transcript Web Meetings to join a web meeting and start transcription automatically. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about How to Transcribe a Web Meeting FAQ Listed below.

How long is the validity

Period of the meeting? The validity period of Ivory Coast Mobile Number List the meeting type will be extended every time the meeting schedule is updated. Now the meeting start time is hours, no extension, standard, no end time, start time, daily, standard end time, end time, daily, periodic, no end time, start time, daily Periodic and have end time start time day last occurrence end time day day The effective time of the meeting is as follows.

Phone Number List

The membership limit

For a meeting is how many teams can have a DJ USA maximum of name members. Do Teams meeting recordings expire? Teams meeting recordings are valid for days. Also the maximum length of a meeting recording is hours or . If the limit is reached the recording will be terminated and automatically restarted.


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