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Check for broken links and replace your link as long as you have similar content type. It is possible that most blogs will link to your blog when you mention them. Always remember that quality backlinks help you get quality traffic and get higher rankings quickly on any website, old or new. 4. Increase your website dwell time Increasing your site’s dwell time and reducing your site’s bounce rates can go a long way in increasing your site’s domain authority very quickly. What is dwell time? Wait time is an important on-page SEO metric that calculates the following: user engagement Session duration ( and Clickthrough rate (from your search results) The more people spend time on your site reading a page (article, infographic or video), the better it will rank. Dwell time simply means how long your blog visitors stay on your site without hitting the back button.

Google places more importance on sites with better dwell time

So your domain authority will also increase if you focus on improving dwell time. Here are some powerful tips you can use to increase the dwell time of your websites: Start creating blog posts over 2000 words Show related posts in each blog post Interconnect regularly and do it wisely Open external links in new tabs Now let’s talk about them in detail. 1. Start creating blog posts that are 2000+ words Short content is Spain Phone Numbers List long dead. If you want to compete with others, start creating blog posts that are 2000+ words. Long posts drive quality traffic and generate more leads. Google always favors detailed and long content. If you want to rank in the top 10 organic positions on Google, your blog post must be a minimum of 2 words. Creating this long form of content takes time.

Longer posts generate more engagement on social media.

It attracts backlinks and organic traffic. Also, long content generates more backlinks than short articles. increase domain authority Find evergreen content ideas and explore Google trends for trending topics. Write about “how to” guides and FAQs in your niche. Collect data and conduct scientific studies. Do thorough research before writing a long form of content. Create a solid framework and showcase your ideas. Once you’ve DJ USA structured your ideas, start writing. Use the Pomodoro technique to avoid distractions while writing.break long paragraphs into 2-3 sentences. Check grammar and spelling errors before publishing. 2. Show related posts in each post To increase pageviews and reduce bounce rate, you need to ensure that users don’t leave your blog after reading the first post. So what can you do? Show related posts in each post. You can install a free plugin like Contextual Related Posts.


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