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Click Import on the main screen and the import screen will show up . you can set the lang. Yuage you want to be displayed when transcribing the broadcast. By the way if you enter your favorite video here you can also transcribe that video. Please try it. Transcription Done Transcription Done Returns to the main screen and completes if the specified file has been imported in Recent Records. Click here to check the transcription. A free trial period is provided for first-time users.

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And experience its high convenience. Details can also be found Nepal Mobile Number List on the official website. Recording FAQs Is Recording Illegal? Prohibited items are as follows. It is impossible for the user to view the service through methods other than this software or methods provided by the company alone, including using applications or software that can view and record outside the territory without the company’s permission.

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Quoting the terms of service

In other words uploading data recorded with DJ USA or similar applications to the Internet or downl. Foading illegally uploaded audio is illegal. However, according to the provisions of Article 30 of the Copyright Law, recordings for personal use are allowed to be enjoyed by individuals. There is no time limit on how long recordings can be saved. If it is a radio station in your current area, it is free and you can listen to the programs broadcast in the past days for a total of hours.

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