What is Snapchat what is it for

What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a social network that works as an instant messaging application. Focusing on sending temporary content. Although it had its peak a few years ago. Even today it remains one of the most important networks. Mainly among younger mobile users . If you use your smartphone a lot. You will have heard on more than one occasion that some of its more than 203 million users mention one of its greatest characteristics: the messages or “ Snaps ” that are sent do not last more than 24 hours stored in the servers of this application. In a way. 

Great visibility

Can be said that it is a social email leads platform that focuses mainly on the use of temporary messaging rather than posts. As is the case with Instagram or Facebook profiles and pages. For example . It has excellent support for multimedia messages. So messages and photos are usually the most common when sending a “ Snap ”. But what were the origins of Snapchat? Snapchat was also one of the first networks to adapt the use of augmented reality filters . Such as the famous “ dog ” filter. where dog ears and nose are added to your face. What Were the Origins of Snapchat? 

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Viralization capacity

Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy , three Stanford students, who devised and developed the application that DJ USA they would finally launch for iOS in September 2011. But it was not until November of the following year that the application made its appearance on Android , and by then it already had a good user base on iPhone. It should be noted that, over the years. The user base of this application has increased considerably, to the point where today it is considered one of the top 5 mobile applications in the world, along with WhatsApp, Instagram


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