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How to open an account is a service platform that includes a small news portal that will keep you informed of all the recent events around the world. A search engine that takes the feed from Google itself and, of course, a free multi-domain email service. At first glance, this website (owned by the German company United Internet AG) is quite similar to Microsoft’s Outlook.  Although without including all the cloud features that this computing giant’s platform has. Its main function, however, falls on the email service. Although with a big difference from the rest of the messaging services that currently exist.

Email account

And, unlike Gmail, Outlook or even  Mail , this email database one allows you to create accounts with various domains . They are not personalized domains, simply different, for what you may need in any circumstance. » How to open  Example of the type of account you can create with Hard to understand? Don’t worry, let’s look at an example that will make it clearer. Imagine that you are a doctor . An engineer or a chef and you want people to identify you as such when they write to your professional or personal account. Thanks to that is possible.

Specialized domain

Due to the wide variety of domains DJ USA related to professions.  Such as the domains    or net (and many more) , when they write to you they will already have your profession in mind. And just as with professions. This email platform has  How to open  many more options at your disposal. Such as domains related to hobbies, music. Countries or even specific locations in each country. It should be noted that, although it is free,  has a premium service available. But this will not limit your account; The premium version only adds the possibility.

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