What is Branding and Why Branding is Needed

Branding, comes from the word brand which means brand. If explain scientifically it can be very long and very complicat. Therefore, so that it is not too difficult to understand. Here I will discuss about “branding” in a simple way and language.

Branding is about how a brand, be it a brand from a product or a brand from a company. The wider community. Known as what? So that’s where the importance of positioning in branding will be.

KFC is known for its most delicious fri chicken, if we are looking for fri chicken we can always remember KFC

McDonald’s is known for its burgers

Even though McDonald’s also sells fri Indonesia Mobile Database chicken with flour, but when we hear the word McDonald’s, our associations think of burgers, not delicious frichicken.

Elements in Branding
In branding there are many elements that can associate or associate our thoughts with a brand, among others:

This is very important because a differentiator can be important regardless of business competition. If you want to get out of the business competition, you ne to be observant on this side. Different does not always have different products, it could be just the brand or brands that are different.

If the branding of a brand is ready, it can be the best marketing without the ne for more energy to attract the market. Example: Apple products can always be hunt by fans even though they are expensive.

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How to Brand?

Branding needs to be consider and carri

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out right from the start of the business. I often see SMEs who don’t want to imagine branding from scratch, for example: connecting soto ayam with DJ USA the name “Soto Ayam”. This is a small mistake that has big consequences, since in the beginning, make a name that reflects the position of your business. To start branding there are at least 2 stages:

Get to know your ideal customer
It is important to choose a character from the brand that can be made. Example: “Pepsodent” and “Close Up” are made by similar manufacturers but with different brands because the ideal character comes from a different customer.

Make a name and logo associat with your ideal customer character or your business.

How to Brand with Digital Marketing
In an all-digital era like today, you ne to take advantage of digital technology to spe up your branding system, there are at least 3 branding channels that you ne to use immediately.



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