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it audio and text data anywhere. Multiple storage and sharing methods.. can be directly shar. Audio data can only be sav. Just upload audio and video files Export as real-time to automatically transcribe. Support link. New Registration Free Nota Transcription Decoration How To Transcribe Record Webcasts Here I will explain how to use Transcribe Record Webcasts. First log in to the web version and click the Import button on the right side of the main screen.

How to Transcribe Record

Internet Radio The import screen will then be display, so Qatar Mobile Number List let’s import your favorite radio using the following compatible files. Import Audio Files Video Files In Transcription Language you can set the language to be display when transcribing the broadcast.By the way if you enter your favorite video here you can also transcribe that video. Please try it. Transcription language returns to the main interface.

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If the specifi file is import

In the recent record, the transcription is complet. Click to view now. How to Use Transcrib Broadcast Here we will explain how to use Live Transcrib DJ USA Broadcast. After logging in to the web version as before, click the start recording button in the upper right corner of the screen. How to Use Transcribe Broadcast Click to transcribe your audio in real time as you record. Click the transcription is complete. Click to view now. How to Use Transcrib Radio How to Share Interesting Radio Shows with Friends Have you ever want to share your favorite radio shows with your friends using text data that makes it very easy to share transcrib radio shows.

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