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Our experts! New Call-to-action B2B DIGITAL MARKETING | SOCIAL MIA | SOCIAL STRATEGYYou have probably heard about the news regarding in the algorithm that determines the news that appears on users bulletin boards. Subscribers to a series of different contents compar to what has happen up to now. But what does this mean for the world of B2B digital marketing Well talk about it in the next lines delving into the following topics: The weight of the quality of the contents How to write content that generates interactions

How to Evaluate Your Content

What to do now Facebooks goal is according to the statement of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg to show more and more content from friends B2b Email List and family and less from companies even if sponsor. The algorithm also favors the display of posts that generate more interactions (comments) compar to popular ones (in terms of views or number of likes) but which do not spark debate. Videos news and other types of content coming from official pages on Facebook will therefore have less relevance than those publish by friends and family.

Consequently the number of

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Comments on a post will count more than the number of “likes” receiv and the length of these comments will also have its weight because it means that a person spent time writing DJ USA them. News and videos will continue to appear on the bulletin board but it will be the number of contacts who share them that will determine their diffusion rather than their general popularity. Without a doubt the Facebook team realiz that marketing was king on the members message boards causing abandonment of the social network precisely because people could no longer find the answer to the question.


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