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 What are my friends doing. The advertisements that appear (bas on searches and interactions) even if click were not request at least not directly by the user who was actually interrupt by sponsor content. But what happens for those who like many companies have invest in B2B digital marketing and therefore add Facebook to their strategy to find new leads and customers Download the ebook What changes for B2B digital marketing Obviously the impact of the recent algorithm update on digital campaigns is still to be evaluat even if Facebook leaders were quick to declare that advertising insertions will not undergo any changes.

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Increase in sponsorship rates due to fewer opportunities to include them. If we add to this consideration the fact that users spend less and less time B2b Leads on Facebook and that organic views of posts are decreasing we can say that the situation is not exactly comforting. Companies ne to focus their efforts on making even sponsor content more interesting and engaging for target audiences. Lets see why in the next paragraph. The weight of the quality of the contents Sharing posts and content just for the sake of it has definitely never been a good strategy but even more so in light of this new

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Paid to writing updates capable of involving your target audience because it will be precisely the interaction Facebook has reiterat this several times that will DJ USA determine the performance of a post. The B2B digital marketing strategy that has been working in this direction for some time is undoubtly the inbound methodology that helps companies understand the importance of the quality and usefulness of what is communicat compar to the quantity of times it is repeat the size of the audience or the budget expect to promote it.

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