Override save and voice input

The confirmation text says confirm the sentence. save.  say test to see suggested sentence number say ok and enter filename. Test and voice input enter filename say select location to show save destination list. Display the list, voice input to display the number, confirm the number of the file storage destination, and then voice input to confirm the storage location.

File storage destination number

Confirm save location Say save to save the file. The file has Armenia Mobile Number List been saved The above is the basic operation method of voice input. Although it is free to use, it is very convenient to perform basic operations only by voice. There are many other applications of voice input, but let’s master the basic operations first. If you want to learn more about voice typing see what is voice typing tips and benefits for effective use.

Phone Number List

How to use the voice input

System is provided by the voice input system. It DJ USA can be said that this is the best product for improving work efficiency because documents can be easily created by simply reading out the inspection results during the inspection. In addition, the speech input system also has the following four characteristics.


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