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It is characteriz by being able to quickly op. Ferate and input by voice.when you cannot let go of your hands while doing housework, childcare or work, or when you cannot operate the panel while driving. How to take advantage of voice input in Voice input is provid as a standard feature of the free voice input sys. Ttem that enables you to operate various applications and enter text by voice.

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Can perform detail operations by voice, so once you Bahrain Mobile Number List get us to it, you can complete file creation with just voice input. Below we explain the basic operation method through voice input. Use the search function to search for Speech Recog. Tnition and select Speech Recognition. Use the search function to select Speech Recognition Speak On to turn it on.

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Blank workbook to open a new file. Open a new DJ USA file say Mouse Grid and move the cu. Rrsor where you want it. The following figureTap Con. Efirm location by voice input in . Mouse Grid Voice Input Move Cursor Voice Input Confirm Position Voice Input Good morning. Voice input checks the number of the suggest sentence and says OK to enter the sentence.


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