Using both on the same website does not give the best results

I’ve seen so many new bloggers launch new sites and make money with AdSense. Why would you need special skills when you can create great content that gets enough traffic and increases your AdSense income? But make sure you DON’T create content just for AdSense. Make your audience matter, create good content as per their needs, perform proper on-page optimization and you can easily increase your AdSense earnings. The Showdown: Affiliate Marketing vs Google AdSense Now comes the most frequently asked question from most bloggers. “Can I use affiliate marketing ads and Google AdSense ads on the same page? “. Personally, I don’t recommend that you use affiliate marketing products and AdSense ads on the same website. If you run a niche website, AdSense really works best for you. But if you intend to build a brand and want to create a blog profitable in the long run.

Consider affiliate marketing

Can definitely use affiliate marketing and AdSense ads on the same page as long as you don’t display more than three ads on the same page (Or you will be violating AdSense rules because this doesn’t allow you to show only 3 ads per page) Now you might be wondering “which is better, affiliate marketing or Google AdSense?” “. My answer is, it depends. It really depends on 3 things. Your audience Your blog topic and Website Denmark Cell Phone Number List traffic If you have a website that receives a lot of traffic (100+ visitors per month) from search engines, AdSense might be a good choice for you. By finding and using the keyword High CPC (cost per click), you can generate huge AdSense revenue. But if you’re in a competitive niche and have decent traffic (from Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.).

An email list of hungry buyers or run a niche-specific website

Affiliate marketing might be your best bet. bet . Here are some tips for successful affiliate marketing. Choose only specific products that you personally use or like. Only then can you write great reviews about them to increase your sales. Master the art of copywriting. The way you write your sales copy is what helps you increase affiliate product sales. So be sure to spend some time learning how to write compelling copy. When DJ USA you write product reviews, don’t talk like a salesperson. Don’t advertise your affiliate links too often. Using just 2 or 3 links is enough and you can increase sales by focusing on discussing benefits rather than product features. Here are some tips for succeeding in Google AdSense. Don’t take shortcuts. There are many people giving AdSense tips and tricks while most of them are vague.


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