E-Planning, Powerful Application for Bappeda

If last week we studied e-Musrenbang, this time it’s JMC IT Consultant’s flagship application that is ready to be discussed, namely e-Planning (SIPD). , and implementation of regional development plans. Of course in its implementation it will require a long process that includes quite a lot of data input and is time consuming. In this case, e-Planning (SIPD) is here to answer all the needs of Bappeda in the process of implementing development planning.

The e-Planning application (SIPD) has various advantages

One of them, e-Planning (SIPD) can be access Cayman-Islands Mobile Database easily using any device, both desktop and smartphone. The data input process can also be carri out by OPD online. In addition, the e-Planning (SIPD) made by JMC IT Consultant is in accordance with the current Laws and Government Regulations, JMC e-Planning (SIPD) is in accordance with Permendagri number 98 of 2018 concerning regional development information systems. It’s not enough to stop there, the e-Planning application can be integrat with other information systems, such as financial applications and monitoring and evaluation applications.

In this application there are several levels of users with access rights that have been adjust bas on their respective authorities. E-Planning (SIPD) protects OPD so that they can only take program activities that are their business. Bappeda can also make indicative ceiling limits for OPD according to considerations of budget availability, regional interests and priorities. In addition, this application will help maintain compatibility between the RKPD and the RPJMD.

Regarding data input, the input data will later be export

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Excel file to make it easier to make reports. Manual preparation of reports that used to take a long time can be complet in just seconds. Currently the DJ USA e-Planning (SIPD) application develop by the JMC IT Consultant team has reachversion 3. In this latest version, of course, it is more powerful, more responsive, user friendly, and has an informative user interface. All the facilities that Bappeda needs are present in the e-Planning application version 3 (SIPD)

The e-Planning application (SIPD) made by JMC IT Consultant has led DIY and Aceh Province to win the Pangripta Nusantara Award. E-Planning (SIPD) has also been usin almost all regions of Indonesia. With the e-Planning (SIPD) application, Bappeda can carry out optimal, effective and efficient implementation of development planning. E-Planning (SIPD) can also be accessby the public as a form of government information disclosure.

So, has your area carried out development planning well? Don’t hesitate to work together with JMC IT Consultant in planning your regional development. Let’s build Indonesia through technology!

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