Trick creating background scenarios with the green screen effect

The narrator is good for the algorithm , as it provides more accurate data about the content of your post, as well as being very familiar to most users. To use this trick, do the following: Click the + sign in the main feed to create a new video. Press the record button to make your video. In the recording screen, click the check mark to go to the editing screen. On the right side, tap Voice Effects . Choose the effect you want to apply to the original audio. The green screen effect makes it possible to insert a background into your video. It is very useful when you want to create a scenario to contextualize the video content. For example, if you want to play a comic scene in a setting like a mansion, you don’t need to be in one. Advertising Just find an image.

Use it as a background through this effect

To do this TikTok trick, do this: Click the + icon on the main feed to create a new video. Tap Effects in the bottom left corner to view the effects menu. You have two options with the green screen: to use a photo as your  background, choose the green icon with a photo and a down arrow. To use the video as a background, choose Honduras Business Email List the green icon with a video and an up arrow. Choose the image or video you want to use and then press the record button to record yourself superimposed on this background. To add more videos with new backgrounds, repeat the process, apply the effect and record. TikTok will unite them. When finished recording, click the checkmark to go to the editing screen. Apply any additional filters, voice effects or voiceovers here and click Next to go to the post screen.

Trick to zoom in while recording.

When you create a TikTok video, it’s very important to add variations like cropping and/or changing angles. This makes your video more dynamic and tends to hold the viewer’s attention more. In addition to cropping and angle changes, you can also include zooming. It’s perfect for that moment when you emphasize DJ USA an important point. However, if you notice, to record a video in the application, you need to keep your finger pressed on the shutter. So how to zoom while recording? It’s simple! With your finger pressed on the recording shutter, slide it up. By doing this, your camera will zoom and to return, just slide down. howfinity Tiktok trick you didn’t know EP 1 tiktoktrick tiktok tutorials letmeshowyou howto original sound – TechTok 7 – Trick to find lost video on TikTok. When we are on TikTok.


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