Enter your video description and more and tap Publish

You want to use a photo of yourself or someone else – with an expression of reaction to a video, this hack will be perfect. To do so, follow the steps below. In the app, tap the + icon . Record your video or select one from your camera roll by tapping Upload . Then tap Stickers . Tap the photos icon (it’s the 4th option from the left). Select a photo from your gallery. If you want to remove background, tap Upload to remove background . Then tap Ok . Tap next. . voltzdigital tiktoktips tiktokdicas tiktok conteudodigital conteudotiktok Dangerous Heist – Melody 2 – Trick of objects that move by themselves. Advertising Have you seen those videos where an object moves by itself? You can do this trick using TikTok’s stop motion effect. Do the following: Tap the + icon . Next to Recording Shutter, go to Effects . Then slide the options to the left until.

Editing tab and tap on the Stop effect

If you don’t find it in the editing tab, go to Interaction . A hand will appear on the screen indicating that you must tap the screen. Tap the screen to capture the object, then move it again and tap the screen. Repeat the process until you finish moving the object. Tap play to see the result. voltzdigital tiktoktips tiktokdicas conteudotiktok tiktok riktoktrend tiktoker Malvadão 3 – Xamã & Gustah & Neo Beats 3 – Trick slides with photos on TikTok. Even though TikTok is a short video app, that doesn’t mean you only have to make motion videos. The Chinese app also integrates a feature for using images. This is perfect Haiti Business Email List for anyone who wants to create a slideshow video forif you want to make a photo video to put on TikTok , you will be able to accomplish this feat directly in the app.

How to create photo slides on TikTok

Follow the steps below With the app open tap the + icon . In the lower right corner, tap Upload . Select the photos you want. If the photos are in a specific folder, at the top of the page, tap All , then tap the folder where the photos are located and select them. After selecting the photos, in the lower right corner, tap Next. Add sounds, texts, stickers, effects and filters and more, then tap Next . Select the cover art for your video, add the description and tap Publish . 4 – Trick using voice effects on TikTok. Advertising DJ USA This trick is a great way to produce narrated videos without going to all the trouble of creating a script and recording it yourself later. You can rest your voice TikTok’s own to narrate your video. This saves you hours of analysis of your own narration performance and rework.

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