TransJakarta Bus Tracker by JMC IT Consultant

Do any of the JMC Friends live in DKI Jakarta Province? Or do you have plans to visit the capital city in the near future? Whatever the purpose, it is undeniable that the capital city of Indonesia. Namely DKI Jakarta Province is a magnet for all sectors of life in Indonesia. Government, business, development and other important sectors.

As one of the big cities in Indonesia

DKI Jakarta Province requires safe, comfortable Iran Mobile Database and integrat modes of public transportation. As a step towards realizing these ideals. The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta in 2004 inaugurat TransJakarta. The first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transportation system in Southeast and South Asia with the longest route in the world, namely 208 kilometers. Until now, TransJakarta is still growing to serve the needs of public transportation in the Capital City.

So, for JMC friends who often use the TransJakarta mode of transportation. They must have experienc a situation where the bus they were to use did not arrive immediately and without certainty. Such a situation, apart from being tiring. Wastes your precious Friend’s time. To help with this ne JMC IT Consultant has launch an application that can show the position of the bus for the corridor where Friends are waiting: TransJakarta Bus Tracker!

TransJakarta Bus Tracker is a gift from JMC IT Consultant

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Fhe Indonesian people by taking part in advancing transportation and tourism in Indonesia, one of which is for the DKI Jakarta Province. To be able DJ USA to access the TransJakarta Bus Tracker, Friends can download it to the Google Play Store service which is available on every Android Operating System. Next, Friends simply enter the Application and select the corridor where Friends are waiting. It’s easy, right!

With the presence of the TransJakarta Bus Tracker application, it is hop that it will be able to help Sahabat JMC’s needs in using the TransJakarta mode of transportation. JMC IT Consultant as the application developer, with open arms receiv feedback from Friends of JMC for the development of the TransJakarta Bus Tracker application in a better direction. So, don’t forget to install the application!


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