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Create Opportunities to Spread Messages Anyone can send a  voice app. People who share your knowledge and message may become fans and tune in every By sharing your own time you go live.  experiences you can deepen your connection with your audience and bring them new discoveries and learnings. Another major feature is that the sender can also learn information from the information dissemination. You can use voice apps to easily create a place to output what you’ve learned in various scenarios.

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Voice applications may bring in advertising revenue Taiwan Mobile Number List based on the number of playbacks and time. There are other apps that feature audience tipping that could potentially bring in revenue. There are many kinds of voice applications, such as chatting, listening to music programs and playing games. People with similar values can connect with each other through voice instead of images and text so you can enjoy it more familiarly. Broadcasters can broadcast audio and listen to other users’ broadcasts in communities that match their interests.

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It can strengthen the connection between the DJ USA audience and the publisher. Since publishers can directly interact with fans through audio distribution, we can expect a further increase in fans and an improved image. On the listener’s side, the creator can be more familiar with it, which brings great benefits to both parties. In the next section we will introduce the selection points for audio distribution and application.

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