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Application Only Version Most Standard Plan Top Plan Desktop   built-in features Use dictation There are two ways to use transcription. Dictation is available on both desktop and web but transcription is only available on the web. Dictation Function Transcription Function Installation Platform Desktop Version Web Version Network.

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Start Quick Transcription Supports Japanese and other Cameroon Mobile Number List languages Mistakes Cannot be used without a contract Function to convert to text. By the way, dictation is the job of a scribe who writes down what a dictator says. If you use the dictation function, you can auto. Tmatically transcribe what is said on the Internet. Open Word Home Tick Dictation on the right side of the screen and click Click Dialog to start Dictation.

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Home Tick Dictation on the right

Side of the screen and click on Word Transcription DJ USA Dictation Click on Dialog to Start Dictation In English it means a written transcript or transcript of the interview. If you use version you can also use the transcription function to transcribe. Open Word Click the microphone on the right side of the home screen to command Tap Transcript to start transcription while recording or uploading a file Open Word Word.


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